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The Philippines has many vibrant and growing cities, but over 50% of the population still live in rural or isolated areas. These communities have needs both physical and spiritual. We believe that the most effective way to reach these people is through the local church in that area. This empowers the local church, meets the needs of the community and brings more people into a relationship with Christ with the connection to the local body of Christ.

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We focus on the partnership with the local pastors and leaders and direct the outreach to meet the needs of their community. We maintain a solid relationship with the churches and aim at always carrying the burden equally so that there can be fruitful ministry partnership.

Clothing Distributions

We collect gently used and new clothes in the US and distribute them to communities in need.

School Book Distribution

Many rural schools are in need of books and other teaching materials. We distribute books donated by teachers and families in the US.

Medical Mission

We assist rural communities with medical clinics, providing much needed medical attention where it is needed the most.

Dental Mission

Annually we hold a dental mission in rural areas in partnership with Nehemiah Ministries International and Dr. Pearl Burns.

Personal Items

We support rural churches and their families by giving them personal items such as tooth brushes, toiletries and necessities.

Encouraging the Church

We regularly visit rural churches, sharing on Sundays and holding renewal services and workshops, to encourage the congregation.