the hope of the future

Student Ministry

We believe that the hope for the Philippines and for truly any nation, lies in the young people.

University of the Cordilleras

Student in Baguio City

The years that a young person is in college are some of the most formative years of their life. It is then that they begin to make choices that will shape the direction of their future. Baguio is a city of young people. Half of the population is made up of young people that have traveled from their hometowns to study at one of 2 dozen colleges, universities or training schools. Our vision is that when students come to Baguio they will not only gain their degree, but that they would find a relationship with Jesus that will empower them to serve Him in whatever career they will pursue.

Baguio Students

Be the Influence

We are located in the heart of Baguio city, in the center of the activity. In a world where there are many things vying for influence in young people’s lives, we seek to be a positive voice, an unmovable rock, and a genuine friend to them. Genuine relationships are the foundation for all life changing transformation in a persons life. We mentor them one-on-one, in small groups, in retreats and summer camps to help them see how God can use them in every season of their life.

Northgate Central

Northgate CentralĀ our student home set to launch 2016 embodies this vision on a large scale as we will be mentoring a select group of student for 4-5 years throughout their college education.

We envision teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers,
politicians, and business men and women
who will be raised up as leaders for Christ.