Tabuk Leadership
Training Center

Tabuk Leadership Training Center


In March 2014 we launched Tabuk Leadership Training Center in partnership with Logos Leadership College International of Malaysia and Dr. Michael and Rev. Irene Dalseno. This school is strategically located in Tabuk City, Kalinga and is the only Christian educational program in Tabuk offering Biblical and leadership training for pastors and leaders.


This has been established to support pastors who have answered God’s call to ministry but have never had the opportunity for formal education. In addition this school trains government employees, local officials and community leaders to carry the light of the kingdom of God into their workplace.


Ultimately, we believe the Philippines will be transformed as a nation when Christians in places of leadership step into their God-given destiny and reach out to the world around them.

Leadership Team

Ashley Pell, David Mayyam, Rev. Irene Dalseno, Dr. Michael Dalseno, Audrey Catherine Siow and Yew Sang Phoon Not Pictured: Rod and Cheryl Domingo