one encounter

changed forever


Every person on earth was created to worship God. Northgate’s primary purpose is to bring people to a place in their life where they are fulfilling their unique God-given purpose and worshiping Him.

Worship Training

In the Philippines, a large portion of the worship ministry in the churches is led by the youth. As a result there are many situations where worship team members are skilled instrumentalist but they lack an understanding of what worship is really about, while others have the heart of worship but lack technical skills. We seek to help fill both voids and strengthen the church by helping them experience worship in a deeper capacity. We hold seminars and trainings to help strengthen the worship team in both the heart of worship and in technical skill.

City-Wide Worship

There are many conflicting ideas and debates that can divide the church, but we believe that times of experiential corporate worship can be a catalyst for unity. We hold inter-church, interdenominational worship nights that give the church in an area the opportunity to come together and to lift up the Lord as one body and to seek him and intercede on behalf of the city

The vision for Northgate was bornĀ in worship.
We believe that before anything is accomplished on the earth,
the breakthrough must first come spiritually through prayer and worship.