Girls Home

The Risk for Baguio's students

Baguio City is teeming with students. They come at age 16 by the thousands to attend college. Living in the city’s overcrowded boarding houses, or in a spare bed of a stranger’s home, they attempt to succeed on their own away from their families. Their academic challenges are only compounded by their newfound independence and the many temptations of Baguio’s commercial industry and nightlife. It is a precarious situation that exponentially increases the danger of making the wrong choices, which can define the rest of their lives.

A Safe Home

Our vision is to establish a home for students. With family style living, they will be mentored in a loving and nurturing environment, held to basic standards, and given the tools they need for success. The Northgate team will reside with the students to lead by example. Initially we will accommodate 15-25 students. Each student will be with us for the 4-5 years that they are in Baguio as a student enabling them to be shaped by the Lord during these crucial years of their lives.

Raised Up and Sent Out

Northgate Central will enable the students to go through their college education successfully, but more than that they will be mentored into a life of significance. They will become individuals who will effect change out of a life filled with love and righteousness. They will become leaders not only in positions but more so in their thinking and in the way they conduct their lives. They will bring God with them into every arena of their future endeavors.